Friday, June 20, 2008

Speed Coding

One of the more interesting analogies I've seen recently in programming practice is the equating of programming, a mental skill, with a physical skill (karate, painting, etc). This has been expressed as the Code Kata, Code Kumite, and as Software as Performance Art, among other examples.

This idea get the Ninja Seal of Approval(tm). I wish I practiced it more often. Normally, a developer will do this when learning a new language - we take a problem we've done before, and redo it in the new language, honing the program with our experience. We less often work the improvement within a language we already know - improving the performance or the storage, or simplifying it.

For some of us, the projects we are working on have sufficient growth to allow us to improve the speed or memory usage as part of the routine software maintenance. If we don't get this, perhaps we should think about these drills in programming as part of our mental exercises.

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