Tuesday, November 06, 2012

...Is An Onrushing Train

So in addition to the usual chaos this time of year, The Job decided to throw a curve.

Apparently, someone managed to completely ignore a feature that had been discussed several months ago, and suddenly realized that it was very close to the deadline.  So instead of owning up and saying "Well, we need to postpone the drop to get his feature in", they asked  me to crank out a solution.  Then they nattered away 4 days of a 10 day deadline on side issues.  And then I find that the interface I was to use is already implemented elsewhere, and this should have been noticed during the initial discussion!

And the owner of that subsystem is "too busy", so I get tapped to redo all my work in the new processes, in 3 days, instead of 10.

*And* all this is after getting a sub-par review.....

You can bet this is being noted for future reference in next year's review.

Monday, November 05, 2012

When Google Calls

Well, the Gods of Computing briefly smiled on me, and then got all frowny and stabby.... Google called and wanted to consider me for a position once more. I had to go through another phone interview, and after apparently failing that, got a second chance, which I then failed again. So the advice I have for folks interviewing with Google is: Don't implement the naive solution to the problem - that appears to be less-than-acceptable. Discuss the naive solution while you think of a more elegant solution, one that uses a suitable data structure