Monday, June 08, 2015

Reach out and touch someone....

I now know why Agile recommends that the entire scrum team, if not the entire development team, be co-located.

So you can walk over to the desk of the programmer who wrote code that accesses a database row, loads in all 8 columns from the DB layer into local variables, AND DOES NOT SET THE OBJECT FIELDS FOR THE LAST 5 COLUMNS OF THE ROW, and slap them upside the head.

Or so you can look over the cube wall at the programmer who was tasked with writing a C SDK so your existing applications can perform one operation to get some data into your Java ecosystem, AND FAILS TO SET HALF THE VALUES ACROSS THE INTERFACE, and dump your coffee in their lap.

Seriously, The Job has led me to believe that the offshore teams are just interested in meeting the most minimal definition of the problem they can to get past something they think is no longer a useful part of the new, cool system.