Sunday, January 21, 2007

Software is like an ogre.... has layers

(sorry for the Shrek reference....)

Most developers are at least somewhat aware of this, since we all see the usual network protocol stack diagrams with 3-7 layers, and the MVC design pattern/paradigm, and so on.

What I am starting to think is that this pattern is not being used enough. We have our GUI layers, our database layers, and our business logic layers, but we tend to have a single program running as the layer.
After a recent push with work to have a VP's pet project done, I had the chance to build a "server" that was calling several standalone executables to perform specific tasks. What I got from this was that it followed the UNIX way better - I had smaller, easier-to-debug pieces that could be re-used on other projects without having to alter basic code. The big use would be for test harnesses - by having standalone executables, the test crew can write shell scripts to drive their tests, which relieves the development team from having to provide all the integration test code.

Now, this does not work in places where serious speed or efficiency is needed. But many programs are driven by user input, or easily-paced timers, and the benefit of the encapsulation can pay off later.

Also, many developers will point out that libraries can perform similar functions. They can, but alternate use requires they be linked in to the calling program, which can be problematic for testers, who typically have a) less software writing experience, and b) less support structure to write code in.

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