Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lunch Epiphanies (with apologies to the movie)

I ate lunch alone today.  It's somewhat rare during the week, as I have cow-orkers with whom I have lunch pretty much every day, and when they are not able to go, I typically grab some fast food and eat in my car, listening to the radio.  But it's summertime, and too damned hot to eat in the car.

In any case, I was sitting in the restaurant alone, and got a serious case of either burnout or an existential crisis.  I just did not want to go back to the office.  And this is after one of the better weeks I've had, actually being able to spend time writing code and learning the newer IDE and project organization.

It is really not a good feeling.  And The Job is not making it easier with their continual Kool-aid vending.