Friday, June 20, 2008

Programmer Macho

Programmers are as competitive as anyone else, but since much of our work is mental, and therefor difficult to judge at a glance, we look to what we used to build the system as the criterion for success.

Of course, being the fractious sorts that we are, we all are using different yardsticks. Some judge by the age of the language, or the esoteric-ness of the language, or the purity of expression, popularity, or even the proximity to machine code.

We have our art school types, who champion languages that nobody else uses, and drop them when they become "common", and our Utilitarianists - the best language is the one that more people are using.

We often consider the things we know best as the standard, and other opinions be damned.

Some of it is protection of our investment - of time, of effort, of mental space. Some of it is our almost innate urge to put our own 2 cents in, and some may just be truth.

Of course, telling the difference is the trick. Let me know if you have a trick to tell this.

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