Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fighting the Good Fight

It's actually been a good week for me - I've spent most of it actually writing code.

The big thing that I did was spend 30 minutes arguing with a project lead about our new API.  We are putting a REST interface over an older one, and I was arguing that we needed to make the REST one better than the older one. 

It does nobody any favors to do a dumb port of one interface to another.  Each type of API has strengths and weaknesses, and they rarely overlap.  So I was strongly advocating that we eliminate the useless artifacts required by the older API.

The part that was unsettling was that the project lead was not mentioning any reasons for shortchanging the port.  I have often had a manager tell me that there was not enough time to do something differently, and in some cases that is a valid concern.  But that did not come up in this discussion, which worries me.

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