Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Outta My Way!

You know what I really hate about software development process?

When the blasted parts of the process fail to work and make more work for developers!

Case in point - The Job has a number of scripts that are run when the product is near a final build for a release, that check for all the expected fixes being complete, all the process steps are done, etc.

So today I get the nasty email from the PM that I have some unfinished fixes.  I look, and I've done everything that I am supposed to do, all parts are present, but the scripts are not finding them.  And this was noted a week ago and nothing was done when I noted that part of it was clearly wrong (as in I showed the supposed missing parts by ID)

But the dysfunctional process favors PMs bothering developers instead of following through on responses.

I repeat the gathering of part IDs, and then have to re-save some things to trigger the scripts again.  Why they do not run automatically on the production build, I'll never know.

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