Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bullpen Bullsh*t

I really need to get promoted high enough to get a hard-wall office.

The past few weeks has been one pet peeve after another.

If I had an office with a door, I could at least shut the door and eliminate the worst of the annoyances.

Firstly, a few of my cow-orkers have voices that carry across the cube farm.  I really should get an acoustical analysis to see if it could be weaponized.  So throughout the day I get to listen to their insurance issues, missed appointments with cable installers, and complaints about other people in the group.

Second is the wonderful world of not using tools we already have.  About once a week there is a morning conference call that involves about 10 of the nearby people, along with a number of offsite people.  So everyone in the office decides to work through the call, and the Powers-That-Be do not release headsets without paperwork, so everyone on the call is using their speakerphone.  As a result, I get the call in 5.1 surround sound, including the echo-delay from the further people being audible directly and via the closer phones.

Third was another case of Musical Chairs Responsibility.  There was a customer issue that had been partially described by the Project Manager, and we had no reason to believe that the short description was at all accurate.  So when the PM sent another email asking if Engineering had any solutions, I repeated the original case that we had no reason to believe that our area of the system was at fault.  Shortly after, my boss's boss assigns the problem to me, since I foolishly spoke up.  And what do I find after testing the system?  The problem is not in my area, but in the data input area.  So if the developers for that area had actually looked at their code, they would have found it.

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