Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Managerial Doublespeak

I'm blogging in anger here, but what is a blog for, but to let one vent one's spleen

I ran into a full-scale manager/architect Charlie-Foxtrot today.  My job has the usual lip-service to a software process, with the usual caving to schedule when things are taking longer than Marketing likes.
But yesterday I got both barrels of doublethink from The Powers That Be - On a project that languished for over a year, that has a rapidly approaching deadline, I was asked to write a full design document for a project that I will be doing myself, where I am the most-informed developer for that code.  The "justification" was that we are supposed to "follow the process", but the Architects spouting this platitude do not have to struggle with the code.
To add insult to injury, the Architect has specified a number of things as mandatory that are patently bad, but will not believe the developers who know the code when they say this.

I am sick to death of Architects who think that the hard work is writing requirements documents, and that the developers who object to a stupid idea are being lazy.

I am sick to death of Requirements fed to customers without consultation with the developers that can give effort estimates for those tasks.  Because the customer manages to choose the options that are hardest to do, while giving the least benefit.

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1 comment:

Brian Tkatch said...

>I am sick to death of Architects
>who think that the hard work is
>writing requirements documents,
>and that the developers who
>object to a stupid idea are being

I'm with you 100% on that one.