Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Thoughts On The Zone

Most of us developing software have spent some time in "The Zone"; that quasi-mythical mental state called flow that allows us to almost instinctively create good code.  My last extended run in the Zone was a number of years back*, but I was able to spend a number of weeks diving deep into the code and data structures to revamp a major portion of functionality in a system.  I don't know if there are any studies that support the correctness of code written in the Zone, but it is at least strong folklore in the profession. And it's a good feeling, being in the Zone, and makes the development go faster.

So when I read about a development technique that helps you stay in the Zone, I'm interested.  I'm going to try this over the next few weeks and see if it works.

*one of the perils of developing software for a company that does not sell software - you spend a lot of time out of the software process

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