Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ninja, Heal Thyself!

Ok, so sometimes you realize that you are not doing everything you need to do.  Today I got a good helping of crow when a new developer was unable to smoke-test a modified API because I did not have a ready-made emulator for the other side of the interface.  I also totally missed a feature of another API, even when I was looking at it (D'oh!) - which led to a day's worth of lost time due to the ensuing concern over the thought-absent feature.

So tomorrow I get to go into That Place and hand out a few dozen mea culpas, and get cracking on fixing those two issues.  I'll help the new developer expand the emulation code we do have to support at least the sequencing we need for the new API calls, and I will volunteer to assist the coding to use that feature I missed and so delayed the development.

I also need to get off my ass and discover some motivation to finish revising some documentation.

All right, enough whining......

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1 comment:

Brian Tkatch said...

Heh. Good luck! :)