Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dynamic Languages

This is a bit old, but Steve Yegge has an interesting talk about dynamic languages that essentially boils down to this:  the problems inherent in dynamic languages are often not significant to your development - they aren't too slow for what you want to do, and the speed of development may outweigh the rest of the problems - if you can get a slightly too slow good version out months earlier, and seize the market, your team can optimize the next version in the spots that are too slow, and you can save time by optimizing the ones your customers really need to be fast.

One bit made me laugh, mainly because I had a similar thing happen to me just last year - "And [my intern] is, like, "well I understand the argument" and I'm like "No, no, no! You've never been in a company where there's an engineer with a Computer Science degree and ten years of experience, an architect, who's in your face screaming at you, with spittle flying on you, because you suggested using, you know... D. Or Haskell. Or Lisp, or Erlang, or take your pick."

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