Monday, May 05, 2008

Programming and Creativity

Another post, in one day? Amazing?!

A Mr. Paul Johnson wrote an insightful article about a fundamental difference between people who get programming and those who don't.

His basic point is that those who don't get it tend to think of the core of programming is a well-known process, one that is amenable to simple industrial process improvements. Those of us that get programming understand that the core of programming is locked in our brains - it is the mix of creativity and juggling of dense concepts that is more akin to writing or art than industrial work.

Now, I'm not promoting programming as an artsy process devoid of control and discipline, but more that the core of programming is the insights that recognize the appropriate patterns that apply to the problem at hand,and how to apply them. This insight is akin to the creative spark, and thus is not amenable to schedules or timing.

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