Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Put up guardrails!

Stop programming like the architects of Star Wars - the same idiots who failed to put up guardrails around bottomless pits.

From the "Just Last Week" files:
I found out that a very bright developer wrote code made the bad mistake of thinking that he would always be the only developer in charge of his code. He wrote multithreaded code that did not protect a very useful, method-laden collection of data from simultaneous access by 2 or more threads. His rationale was that he would, by convention, only access the dataspace from the main thread. Then he had the gall to get transferred away from the development group, and The Ninja got his code. And promptly found there were several cases of a secondary thread accessing the dataspace, the unprotected dataspace, at the same time as the main thread was modifying it. The predictable result was a program crash.

You cannot ever expect the developers who follow you to know or remember all the little rules you've set up for your own little code kingdom. You ignore the Best Practices at your own peril. If you are working in a multi-threaded process, you must assume that all threads may access a global data structure, and if it gets modified, those accessing the data will crash. Assuming that the next guy will not tromp on your daisies is foolish.

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