Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Look at what you have

Today I found myself somewhat nonplussed by the behavior of 2 cow-orkers who are not dumb, but did not appear to see the forest for the trees.

They were working on an attempt to get a 3rd party to provide a data set to us, for internal use, and were writing impassioned emails to said 3rd party to justify our asking for this data. When this was explained in my presence, I suggested that since a 2nd party was providing us with data that might reasonably include that info, we just get said 2nd party to give us the detailed format of their files (which we might already have), and we extract the desired info from those files.

They seemed rather stunned at this suggestion.

So the Ninja Developer learns from this: if you need some data, look at the data you already have, and see if what you want is what you already have.

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