Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When Managers Attack, Pt 1

Schedules are such fun.

So we have a tentative schedule for the next product release, and so we set a date for code complete. After a few managerial meetings, the Powers-That-Be decide to add a couple of new features. Fortunately, they also added 2 weeks to the schedule. So my boss publicizes that to the group, and we're happy.

So early this week, the Higher-Powers-That-Be decide that we need to pull the schedule in. A quick analysis determines that the new features are not actually affecting the code in my system, so we can safely cut the additional 2 weeks off again.

And now, they realize that they had not specified a feature, and so they add it into the schedule, but DO NOT extend the deadline. No idea about impact, no idea as to effort. So I do what every good Ninja Developer does - consult the experts and determine that there is a clever, clean design change that will be easy to do.

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