Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

This will be my attempt to expound some of the wisdom I've gleaned from 20 years of software development.

All the methodologies and books describe things in the perfect world of full management buy-in, clean handoff between phases, complete documentation, and such. Real-world developers find that these plans are scrambled by management using archaic practices, bar-napkin documentation, schedule changes, and features moving between releases.

So I'm hoping to describe some of the things that I've learned in 20 years of developing software in a variety of environments; things that are not part of methodologies, processes, and plans; things that might help newer developers have an easier job.

I'm keeping my name and employer(s) confidential so I can speak freely about some of the less-desireable things that I've experienced without facing legal and social consequences - I'm not looking for trouble, but I also want to honest about things.

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